I’m glad it wasn’t machete night.

Rangers goalie Bob Froese

The New York Rangers passed out souvenir coffee mugs the night they suffered their second straight shutout on home ice during March 1989 and  irate fans littered the ice with the mugs.

It has been several years since Chico Resch played goal for the New York Islanders, but old habits and friendships are hard to break.

Earlier this week, when New Jersey played the Islanders, Resch was in goal for the Devils. At one point, the puck was sent around the boards behind the New Jersey net, and Resch went back to retrieve it.

Suddenly he heard a voice behind him. The voice of former teammate Bob Bourne.

"Chic, here, here," yelled Bourne.

Resch instinctively passed the puck to his friend, realizing too late that he wasn’t Bourne’s teammate anymore. Bourne collected the pass and stuffed the puck in the net for an Islanders goal.

"I figured it (calling to Resch) was worth a try," said Bourne, a bit sheepishly.

Resch and the Devils got the last laugh, though. New Jersey won, 7-5, for the franchise’s first victory ever at New York’s Nassau Coliseum. The franchise (Kansas City, Colorado and New Jersey) was 0-24-2 prior to the victory.

—December 1984 Providence Journal article

A young Guy Lafleur’s official photo for the Quebec Junior Aces.

A young Guy Lafleur’s official photo for the Quebec Junior Aces.

The only Harvey they’ve ever associated me with is the place you go to build your own burger. And the only Norris I know is Chuck.
Montreal Canadiens defenceman Sheldon Souray, after tying Hall of Famer Doug Harvey’s team record for a defenceman with a six-point game, prompting some brief Norris Trophy discussion.

Bruins’ Phil Esposito celebrates scoring a goal against brother Tony in 1970.

Photo credit: Heinz Kluetmeier/Sports Illustrated/Getty Images

Joel Quennevile of the Colorado Rockies

Joel Quennevile of the Colorado Rockies

In a recent 2-2 tie with the Flyers, Oilers forward Shayne Corson was assigned to hound Lindros. He did a fairly good job. As luck would have it, Edmonton and Philadelphia shared a commercial flight to Minneapolis the next day.

Lindros came on the plane … and Corson was right behind him. “I’m still on him,” Corson whispered as he walked by reporters.

—1993 St. Louis Post-Dispatch

A Finnish legend Teemu Selänne after his very last game in Finnish national ice hockey team (22th of February). His Finnish ice hockey team Leijonat won bronze in 2014 Winter Olympics.

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Leafs captain Dave Keon presents Red Wings Gordie Howe with a gift prior to a 1971 game.

Photo credit: Frank Lennon/Toronto Star

Cover of WHA yearbook featuring Bobby Hull of the Winnipeg Jets

Cover of WHA yearbook featuring Bobby Hull of the Winnipeg Jets